Hi, Avery Goodday here.

The best way to find out about me will be to read my blogs—which will be published on no particular schedule, as I write when given something to write.

I first adopted the alias Avery Goodday when I took up the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting. Hey, any day I could get dressed-up in my 1880’s era cowboy duds, grab my period correct pistols, rifle, and shotgun and go shooting with a fine group of people who enjoyed the same sport—well, that was “a very good day”!

Today, I no longer participate in Cowboy Action Shooting. But it occurred to me that every day God gives me has the potential to be… a very good day. Hence cometh the name I write these blogs under.

I will tell you that I am male.  I’ve been alive long enough to have made plenty of mistakes; and, hopefully, to have learned a bit from them.

I accepted Jesus as my savior when I was eleven years old. I was very serious about it. However, the older I got the more questions I had. Questions, …with no place to go for answers. Like many denominations, my church was very rigid in their belief. Had I expressed my concerns and temptations I would have been looked down on as not really saved. I started college in ’61, at age 17. And, I stiil had way more questions than answers about what it truly meant to be a Christian. But, “good news”! The university had courses like, “Comparative Religion 101”, and many others. I saw an opportunity to get the answers I was looking for. Ha! I was totally unprepared for the onslaught of information I got. Between the classroom and the fraternity house, I did get “educated”! In fact I managed to compress a four year college degree into only five years and two summer sessions. And, it turned out the “good news” I got at the university was not “God’s Good News.”  Far from it.  I had begun a moral slide that lasted about 13 years.

My background includes having been a pilot in the USAF and a marketing executive for a major US corporation. I’ve been married three times. (I was serious about “mistakes”; and, I’m sure my ex-wives would agree). But, after truly getting my life priorites in order, I was led to the woman I wanted to share my life with; and, whose life I wanted to share. We are now living our 40th year of marriage; and I hope to enjoy many more years with her. We live in Andover, Kansas—a suburb of Wichita; and, close to the geographic center of the (contiguous) United States.

Someone once said, “…God reaches out to man through His great love; and, man reaches for God through religion.” I think both statements are correct. I also think the second statement is most unfortunate—and misguided. I think we should reach for God the same way God reaches for us… through love.

This means that I am not a believer in religion—a set of man-made laws, rules and traditions. Rather I believe God calls us to himself through the work of The Holy Spirit. We answer that call when we humble ourselves before God, admitting that we have sinned and cannot save ourselves. We acknowledge our belief that His Son, Jesus died in our place — for our sins. We thank God for His plan of salvation, and Jesus for carrying our sin burden to the cross. We ask Jesus to begin directing our life. And we thank Him for giving us eternal life.

When that is done we are in a personal relationship with Christ. We have begun a new life that we, and Jesus Christ, will work on until His return, or we are called home.

My blog is based very much on my own experiences, …successes and mistakes. I hope you enjoy my posts. I hope they help some of you avoid at least some of my mistakes. I further hope others will be challenged to look at life and especially “religion” in a new way.

Finally, I hope this blog will encourage you to take your stand for Christ. Our culture and our nation desperately need it.

In Gods Love…

Avery Goodday (aka: Larry Dooley)

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