A Special Devotion

I think I’ve previously mentioned that every morning, after breakfast, my wife and I read to each other from our devotional books. She from a book she has selected; and I from a book I’ve selected. Thus, every December finds us shopping for new devotional books─and, we already have, …quite a few. So, sometimes, we dip into our library, and select a book we have previously used─as happened this year. It is truly amazing how an older book can speak new lessons to us. (And, why should that surprise me? The Holy Bible is a very old book; yet it never ceases to teach me new lessons!)

Anyway, this year I’m using a book my wife selected for us about 13 years ago. And, as I finished Wednesday’s reading, God laid on my heart this was a devotion I had to post, …verbatim. (Something that has never happened before). So, please, whoever you are that needs to hear this, take these words from Isaiah and Billy Graham into your heart.

No Bargain, No Barter

Come, buy, …without money and without price. [Isaiah 55:1]

God does not bargain with us, nor can we barter with Him. He holds our eternal salvation in His omnipotent hand, and He bids us take it as a free gift, “without money and without price.”

Yet this is hard for us to accept. Surely something as precious as salvation must cost us greatly! Surely God must demand we work for it!

But that is wrong─and the reason is because the price has already been paid! Salvation is free─but it wasn’t cheap. It cost the dear Son of God His very life.

Only cheap, tawdry things have a price tag on them. The best things in life are free─the air we breathe, the stars at night, the wonder of human love. But the greatest gift of all is our salvation, purchased for us by Jesus Christ. “Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” [2 Cor. 9:15].1

And, may 2 Cor. 9:15 be my prayer, also.


1. Billy Graham. Hope for Each Day. Words of Wisdom and Faith. © 2002 by Billy Graham. Published by J. Countryman, a division of Thomas Nelson, Inc. Nashville, Tennessee 37214.


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