Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

I think very few of us have an understanding of the power we have, or could have, at our disposal. I am not talking about physical strength (even when it is boosted by adrenaline). Nor am I talking about emotional and mental power. What I am talking about is the super-natural power that becomes available to Christians when we seek God’s Divine Intervention in our lives or the lives of others.

DO NOT let your imagination run away with you! There are some things we must understand before we can take maximum advantage of this power. For instance, we cannot speak into existence that which does not exist. Nor will God give us power to wield over another. God will not see that we get a promotion just so we can say, “’I told you so!’ or ‘Now I’ll get even!’” God wants only what is best for us. So, don’t be surprised when that $500-million jackpot is won by someone else. In fact, we may want to thank God for His wisdom; since most of those jackpots have turned into curses for the winners—by the winners own admission.

Far too many people, after becoming a Christian think, “…that’s it!” But, they are wrong. There is ever so much more available to them—IF only they take seriously the part about making Christ not just their Savior; but also, their Lord. Instead, they stop at being saved. And they never even think about giving Christ control of their lives. The only times they pray is when their own efforts have led them into messes; and, they arrive at that point of, “…Well, the only thing left to do is pray.” How sad! The only thing Jesus is to them, is their 911! And, many of these people will eventually fall away from their “relationship” with Christ—because they never established a relationship with Him, in the first place!

God is willing to give us what we need, and much of what we desire, for the asking—as long as we are operating within His will for us; our motives are pure; we have faith in His timing; and we are not harboring un-forgiveness against others. Then, as we grow in our relationship with God, our faith grows stronger, we live-out more of God’s Love, …and it becomes ever easier to meet those criteria.

By surrendering our free will to God’s will for us, we can turn our future into the best God has for us—versus settling for the best we can do on our own. Think about it; because that is exactly what God is offering each and every one of us.

Abba Father,

My background prepared me to be self-reliant, self-confident, and self-sufficient. But, as You know, that hasn’t kept me from turning things over to You, …only to snatch them back the second I think I see where You’re going. We also, know that I have proven, time and time again, that I cannot predict Your plans …much to my shame and detriment.

These are lessons I am still learning. I can’t say that I’m perfect in any area; but, I know I’m getting better at simply trusting in You. You have shown me many times Your provision and your patience; your lessons and your love. Thank you for growing my faith. I humbly pray that You continue to forgive my sins, intentional and otherwise. Mold me; and prepare me to serve You in whatever capacity You have prepared for me—both here on earth and in Heaven. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen.



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