A Day of Rest

Does that sound pretty good to you? It certainly does to me. In Genesis, the Bible tells us it took God six days to create the heavens and the earth and everything in them. Then in Genesis 2:2, it tells us that on the seventh day He rested. Did you get that. Elohimthe first name for God given in the Bible, and which, in Hebrew, means “strength” or “power”—anyway, on the seventh day, even the all powerful Elohim rested.

I’ve been thinking a great deal lately about how much life has changed since I was in school. Yes, I know. It’s something we older folks do a lot. May I propose it is not a bad thing we are doing. Consider….

Sunday was pretty much a day of rest. Most stores and businesses were closedby law. It was a day for families. Very often, both immediate and extended, families. Everyone up and around the table for breakfast, then into your church clothes for Sunday School and Worship Service. Home, and change into “regular” clothes before company arrivedor, we loaded up to go to my Aunt Lena’s and Uncle Joe’s house. (Had three cousins there). And, if we didn’t go there, we may well have gone to my sister’s and brother-in-law’s house. (No nieces or nephews). Other times we’d take the infamous Sunday Drive. I always looked forward to that because it sometimes meant a picnic, and some hiking in one of the huge municipal parks our city maintained. And some Sundays we just stayed home. “Kind’a catching-up” is what we called it.

Fast forward a half century. Sorry folks, it’s just not the same: nor do I expect it to be. But, this I will tell you, I would never have envisioned the culture I live in today. Not in the United States, anyway.

I have a great deal of respect for those who are working to hold their families together. Who promote honor, integrity, and morality. Who attend their church regularly—when possible, as a family; and who truly lend a hand to their fellow-man, whenever they can. Chances are pretty good that you, or some one in your family will be working on Sunday, the traditional day of rest. (At least you will be if you want to keep your job). And, somehow every other day of the week is filled with work, school activities, grocery shopping, a trip to the mall for clothing or shoes, maintaining a home, and keeping it as “presentable” as possible.

Nevertheless, I encourage everyone, if you possibly can, to take Sunday as a day of rest. When you can’t, do your best to assure that you find adequate time for rest, …on whatever day you are “off”. Make time for your family, and, every day, make time available to spend with Jesus.

If you’re not doing that now, set aside whatever time you can. If you need to set the alarm to wake you 15-minutes earlier, do it. 15-Minutes isn’t much, but it is a startand infinitely better than nothing. During this time, you may read your Bible, or pray. Reviewing your days schedule with Jesus and asking for His insight and help is always a good idea. But, regardless of what you do, try to assure that you get at least 5-minutes or so, of complete silence in God’s Presence. That means not reading your Bible, not even praying. Have no expectations. Clear your mind for Jesus. He is always with you, and He covets your total attention. If you do this, you will likely find yourself trying to break-out more time for fellowship in His Presence.

Jesus, I know You desire fellowship with Your children. And, I talk a good plan; but, I don’t always follow it. Forgive me when I place earthly things (that could easily be postponed) ahead of my family—and, especially, You. You died on the cross to give me the opportunity to become part of Your family, and I blow-off all my family responsibilities to watch TV, or read a magazine, etc. You want only the best for me, and I don’t even ask for your guidance on the big things, let alone the little everyday things. Or, at least not until after I’ve royally screwed things up. Then, I find the time to come asking for help. Lord, I still have a long way to go in this process of learning. Thank-you for Your Infinite Love. I deserve nothing. And, You have given me every good thing in my life. If I praised You every minute, of everyday for the rest my life, I could not give You adequate glory. All I can say is, thank-you Lord; and. please continue to guide me and shine Your Love on me, and my earthly family. Amen.



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