Making Comparisons

I’ve talked about this before; but, I think it is worth another look. Why? Because it is such a hard habit to break!

We meet, or even just see, someone for the first time and immediately try to “pigeon hole” him or her. Where is this person in the social stratum? Above me or below? How about the financial situation? Education? Travel? Looks? Possessions? And any number of other areas, including perhaps Christian/non-Christian; and if Christian, how does my walk compare to theirs.

Then, once we think we have it figured out, we tend to be more comfortable if we are at, or very close to the same place on the scale or, on the plus side of the scale. However, that plus side can be a bit dangerous in that we may then feel a bit superior; or worse, become boastful. And, if we end up on the negative side of the scale, we tend to feel inferior and uncomfortable. In which case we may withdraw, or become boastful trying to raise ourselves in the eyes of the other person.

Been there and done that. But when I write it down, it does seem a bit foolish, …especially for a Christian. Here is what we need to remember:

  1. God created us as individuals. Even identical twins have physical, mental and emotional differences.
  2. Number 1 being true, we know that God does not create us equal in all areas.
  3. Because we are unique, God has different plans for us, …as individuals.
  4. God created us to have a relationship with Him; and, for us to give Him glory when He blesses us.
  5. Everything God gives us is a blessing. Yes, even hard lessons because He loves each of us.
  6. Therefore, comparing yourself to anyone else is dumb, and a waste of time.
  7. It does not glorify God. So, …
  8. STOP IT WITH THE COMPARISONS. Get busy glorifying God because He values you as He made you; and He has a plan for you. The more you glorify God, the more opportunities you are going to have to give Him even more glory.

Jesus, at creation you made your first two humans quite different. And, as you knit me together in my mother’s womb [Psalms 139:13-16], you not only made me unique; but, you also made me a perfect match for the journey you would lead me on. Incredible! Yet, I sometimes find myself comparing myself to others. Lord I ask forgiveness for the exhibition of pride, insult, sin, and waste of time. I also ask that you help me marshal the Spirit’s strength within me, to fend-off that temptation in the future. Thank you Jesus…



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