All-knowing.  It’s one of God’s traits.* And, thank-you God, for not giving it to us. When something happens that we don’t (or can’t) understand, we say something like, “Only God knows why it happened.” So, let me ask you, would you like to be omniscient? I literally cannot imagine what life would be like.  Well that’s not exactly true. I can imagine a bit of what it would be like. Why bother with competitive sports?  The Olympics? You already know the exact scores, winning times (all the times), etc. In fact, why would we even compete in anything, when we already know the outcome — and we can’t change it. We would lose the ability to be awed. There would be nothing we did not understand.  No challenges. No mysteries. No surprises.  Boring….

And considering only those few repercussions — I want no part of it.  Am I thankful that God is omniscient? Oh yeah! Knowing that is a great boon to my faith and trust.  It is one of those things that leave me standing in awe of my triune God.  Which raises this question. Do  I understand the Trinity? Not really: but, I accept it.  And, it’s one of those things I wish I did understand.  However, that would probably explode my head, so I’ll be content with the level of understanding I have — and fill in the blanks with faith and trust.

Lord, thank-you for the life I have lived. I have been blessed in many ways and accomplished many things. I know that everything positive that I have done, and all I have learned is through your love and provision. And, I feel  you have still more for me to discover, learn and do, I ask that you lead me through this life, preparing me for my walk with you. All the rest of life on earth is electives; and, I’ll try to leave that in your hands as well.


*  The word omniscient is not used in the Bible.  The assignment of this trait to God is based on His many names that show Him to be all-knowing.  Elohim, (Gen. 1:1): God created the universe. Given the knowledge that would have required, I could stop right there. Instead, here are a few more: Elohay Mishpat, (Isa. 30:18) God of Justice. El De’ot, (1Sam. 2:3): God of Knowledge. (El is the shortened form of Elohim).  El Emet, (Psa. 31:6): God of Truth.  Yaweh Yireh, (Gen. 22;14): the God who Sees/Provides. There are hundreds of references to God’s knowledge throughout both the Old and the New Testaments.

Note: I will not be able to post for the next two weeks.  Posts will resume on Nov. 6. Hope to see you then.


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