Last Week’s Post

Last weeks post, Where Is Your Focus, was difficult to write. Not because it was long, but rather because of all the dark, negative places it took me, …and you. I visit those places more often than I’d like – because I’m something of a new’s junkie. And there is seldom any good news.

I love this country. I served it’s military for 14 years. I love it’s history. And, you don’t have to read a lot of it to realize that God’s providence was critical in the establishment of this nation. There is no other nation like it. And right now it is teetering on the brink of collapse.

Never-the less, I will not allow this nation to become my idol. That would be an incredibly stupid thing to do. Idols NEVER satisfy, and never will. Idols do, however, inhibit our relationship with the only one who can truly satisfy our deepest longings. (Isa. 44:10 & John 14:27)

As I’ve noted before, I believe we are near, or already in, “the end times.” Many would say, “…that’s bad”. And, in some respects it is. Many horrific things will happen as we get closer to Christ’s second coming. Millions will die. And Christians will be a big part of that number. Scripture tells us that Christians will be persecuted, tortured, even killed. Hmmm, the very thing going on in the Middle East as I write this post – and you read it.

The points I’d like to make are these. There is so much evil in this world today that you cannot avoid contact with it. And it can get you down. In fact, the Bible cautions us to be careful about what we put into our minds. (Rom. 8:5-6). So, what should we do. We need to stay extra close to Jesus. Spend time talking to Him. Thank God for every single blessing you receive, no matter how small. And concentrate on identifying those blessings. For a Christian there are no “coincidences”, no “good luck”.

Spend time in the presence of Jesus where you will find true peace. When you are praying, your mind is working; and, you are likely not at peace within yourself. Be still. Quiet your body and your mind by getting into a comfortable, quiet place were there are no distractions. A place where no one is likely to interrupt you. Put every care, every thought out of your mind. Allow Jesus to move in. It is in this physical and spiritual state you will experience His Presence and His Peace. (Ps. 5:3-5).

As Christians we stand with one foot on planet Earth, and the other in Heaven. Never forget that God is in control of both.

Yes, Satan is still on Earth. And, he is trying to create as much violence, mayhem, destruction and death as possible. But, make no mistake, Jesus defeated Satan when, as He died on the cross He said, “It is finished.” (John 19:30 & Luke 23:45-46) At that moment man was given a direct pathway to salvation and restoration.

Why does, and for how long will, God put-up with Satan’s antics? Good questions. Personally, I believe God is giving all mankind an opportunity to subordinate their will to His. God is offering us forgiveness, restoration, a purpose, and eternity with Him in Heaven.

But, there are two very big “howevers” involved. First, it is our choice to accept God’s offer, …or not. Second, God has told us it’s a limited time offer. God will return – at an unpredictable time – to finish His business on earth. He will gather His chosen; and, He will judge the rest. You do NOT want to be in that “the rest” grouping.

So, “Yes!” Taking you along on that little descent into our sick and dying society and culture was intentional. Think of it as setting the stage. 90% devoted to the setting-up of the dark story-line, …all for a quick triumphant finish. Get with God. Focus on God. Experience true Peace. Get a foretaste of Heaven on Earth. And, share the Good News.

In God’s Love,



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