Where Is Your Focus?

This post was first published in November, 2012. It needed updating and another posting….

Well, here we are a few months before the primaries, and a year before the next election – and campaigning is well under way. There have been three major debates, and people are choosing sides. I hope we manage to find candidates who do not polarize the nation. But I’m not counting on it. (In truth, however, I think it’s the Party’s, more than the candidates, that create the polarization. Left vs. Right. Liberal vs. Conservative. Democrat vs. Republican. Nice neat boxes.)

It would be interesting to see what would happen if we had a viable third party of moderates (people who can see both sides of an issue and seek whats best for this Nation). But, in the coming election, I doubt we will have that option. I hope I’m wrong. There are currently some moderates in the running; and, they are of course, being criticized by the Republicans for not being conservative enough, and by the Democrats for not being liberal enough. Our chances of getting a President in office who truly knows right from wrong – and will stand-up for it; who can return the Nation to fiscal responsibility; and resolve the illegal immigration issues in a compassionate way – along with a Congress (both houses) that will support him or her – are looking pretty bleak.

I think the biggest problem is this. Our elected officials (from both parties) are merely a reflection of our society and culture. (Culture: it’s what we “swim in; eat and breath. It’s what, as a society we worship and reward. It’s TV, radio, movies, superstars, physical beauty, wealth, power, greed, ego, social media, books, magazines, music, art, education, courts, religion, politics, and more.)

Yes, this is the background from which we pick the the leaders of this nation. In fact, if they weren’t part of it, they would never get elected. And why should we expect anything more from them than loyalty to their party and to the lobbyists and other benefactors who helped them get elected?

Now, here is an interesting question. If we did find a candidate who believed in Biblical truth and some how got them elected… would we want them to compromise on their principles in order to govern this broken nation. Think about it. What principles, or values, would you not compromise on? Where do you absolutely draw the line? Could you then govern? Or would the government be grid-locked. (Hmmm, …much as it is now.)

Now think about the fact that you would be in a very small minority! Most people would say, “Well, it all depends on the situation”. Which is another way of saying, “It depends on your point of view.” For them, the truth is, “…there is no such thing as ‘absolute truth’”. They claim not to see only black or white. They pride themselves in seeing only shades of grey. This thinking is called “Relativism”. And carried, to it’s natural conclusion it would result in Anarchy. But, it doesn’t. At some point, someone would establish some form of governance; likely a dictatorship. The only other outcome of true anarchy would be, …a single survivor.

So much for hypotheticals. The reality of our situation, it seems to me, is that this is exactly where we are headed. And, the “train” is picking up speed. I’ve seen massive change in the last 30 years. Some of it good. More of it, in my opinion, bad. Am I surprised? Not at all. The Bible is very clear that this will happen. Evil is taught as good. Good is taught as evil. Right is called wrong; and, wrong is called right.

Tell me, if you can, why kids in grade-school and middle-school have to make decisions about alcohol, drugs and sex? And, why do so many make the wrong decision? Why is the divorce rate so high? Why is the abortion rate so high? And, how can anyone say it is right to “harvest” and sell body parts from aborted babies? Why are so many husbands cheating on wives; and, wives cheating on husbands? What about spousal abuse? Child abuse? Why do we have so many home invasions? Fraudulent this, fraudulent that? Embezzlement? I could go on, … and, on.

I can also, give you the answer. It is because we are looking to our society, its culture, and our leaders, for guidelines and examples of acceptable behavior. We have turned away from the only source of Truth.

The only one qualified to tell us what is truly right and wrong is God, the Creator of the Universe. He set it in motion, He knows exactly how it works. He created life, He knows how it should operate. It should be no surprise therefore, that He also gave us the book that goes with it – the Holy Bible.

This book introduces us to God and tells us all about Him. It introduces us to Satan, …and tells us about him, too. Best of all it gives us the way to conquer Satan and gain salvation, restoration and eternal life. Read: John 3:16 [any translation]. Yes , He gave us His Son to die on the cross for our sins. Out of God’s great love for us, He offers all this – to all of mankind – as a gift, free for the asking.

His Book is also an incredible instruction book for living on this planet. And what do we do? Our society chooses to make fun of The Bible and it’s Author (God). Even a big percentage of self-identified Christians think they can pick and choose what is convenient for them from the Bible – and ignore the rest. (If you are one, please rethink your position… soon.)

God is a just God! He will not put up with this behavior for ever. If we want to drive Him out of our society… He will withdraw. Personally, I believe that process is well underway. Does this scare me? Yes and no. Not for myself, my loved ones, and friends who are followers of Christ. I know Jesus is always with us: will never leave us: and, I trust Him. But, for others? Oh yeah, for them, I am greatly afraid.

So, what can Christians do? We need to stop focusing on the “wind and waves.”1 Instead we need to focus on the only One who can really save us. As we focus on Jesus, we need to get busy doing His business here on earth. We need to model Christian behavior, and lead as many non-believers as possible to their own personal, saving relationship with Jesus. Only He will be able to bring us through what lies ahead. So, I repeat, where is your focus?

In Christian Love,


1. Refer to Matt 14:22-33.


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