Activity Addiction

I wish I could take credit for that selection of words. But I can’t. I came across it while reading “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. In two words Sarah identified a problem which has become a huge issue in our society. It is also one of my “Hot Buttons”.

I would define Activity Addiction (AA) as: a rapidly growing condition that is detrimental (if not outright dangerous) to human society. Indications of this addiction are: (1) an inability to sit quietly with a clear and quiet mind for any significant period of time (defined as over two minutes) without experiencing severe agitation. (2) the need for constant entertainment (reading, TV, music, etc. (3) constant checking of mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.). (4) the inability to ignore a call, message, text, page, etc. regardless of the activity engaged in, examples: business meetings, driving a vehicle, face-to-face conversations, family dinners, etc. (4). a persons complete disregard of etiquette, manners and the safety of others and themselves, when when under the influence of AA. (5) AA can also be caused simply by an overactive mind, that has not been properly trained.

In addition to the above, I believe it has become a new seldom recognized satanic stronghold in a rapidly growing number of people. Why do I believe this? Simple, While living on earth, it is imperative that every Christian stay focused on Jesus. Our two main methods of doing this are, reading God’s words for us in the Holy Bible, and prayer. God speaks to us through the Bible and we speak to Him in prayer. But, there can be more.

Many times have I heard people say something to the effect of “I’ve asked God for help; but, I don’t know if He’s ever answered me. I’ve never physically heard him, and I’ve never felt that He was sending me a message while I was reading the Bible. So, I’m not sure God even hears me.”

In fact, there have been periods in my life – yes, even after I was saved – when I said the same thing. But, here is what I have come to understand. God wants to have communion with us. And, that’s not just the bread and wine thing. Our conversations with God can’t be like those He had with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. That ended with Adam’s and Eve’s sin. And we won’t enjoy those conversations again until we are called home. But, God’s love for us, and his provision for us, has not – and never will – falter.

In this age, God primarily (but not exclusively in my opinion) communicates with us through the Holy Spirit. And the key to this communication is within our grasp. In other words, it depends on us. And here is a critical “head’s up.” Satan will use every dirty trick and tool he has, to prevent you from developing this relationship with our Triune God. That said: here is the key that unlocks the “more” I mentioned earlier.

Make yourself available to God! We must train our minds (and our hearts) to sit quietly in God’s Presence – clearing every thought in every area from our minds. This is not easy. (And now you know the tie-in to AA!) I’m not talking about praying. However, praying for God’s help in reaching this state of complete trust and quiet is certainly a good thing to do. And, it is God who will have to fight Satan on your behalf.

The only way I can describe your goal is that it is a state of total trust and peace in God’s presence. You’ll learn to recognize it after you’ve been there. Will God speak to you when you are in this state. I doubt it. After all, this is about a clear mind and a quiet spirit. When you experience it you will know that you are in Gods Presence. And somehow it makes you more adept at recognizing and understanding God’s will when you are back in the world. Remember God can speak in many ways when He does speak to you – through natural events, through His Word, or the word of an Angel, the prompting of the Holy Spirit, or His own voice. Again, I have to ask you to trust me when I say that your relationship with God will grow. For me it grew slowly. For my wife it seemed to go much faster, and I believe it will never stop, for any Christian, …as long as we hang onto that key – personal, private, quiet time in the presence of our God.

Father, this was a complicated post. I pray that the Holy Spirit can make it understandable to all who read it. In this world there are many distractions, and interruptions; many of them engineered by Satan. Therefore Lord, I ask your help for all who earnestly seek you, that they may enter into your Presence. Speak to them Lord as they strive to do Your will. And shine your light of Love, Salvation and Restoration through us, into this broken and dying world. I pray this, in Jesus name.



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