A Rethink…

I have removed my post of 04/24/13 entitled, “Love, Acceptance and Respect”. After reading James 4:11 and 12 I have become convinced that approximately the last third, or so, of that post was inappropriate. (That’s the part where I talked about the appropriateness of some clothing worn to church). I thought I was trying very hard to not criticize or be judgmental; and, I’m pretty certain I failed. In fact I think I couldn’t help but come across as judgmental… and, critical. Just what James is talking about!
I apologize to my readers. I ask for your forgiveness. I want to see people in church, period. I have asked Jesus to help me focus on their presence and not on their attire. I’m feeling rather chagrined right now. I trust I will never use this venue inappropriately in the future.

Avery Goodday


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