Where Is Your Focus?

Well, at least some of the dirt and dust has settled after the Presidential Election.   And, as we should have known, we are obviously a nation divided – almost evenly.  It’s sad, and I’m not entirely sure how we got this way.

Perhaps it’s because we have only two major parties.  It would be interesting to see what would happen if we had a viable third party of moderates (people who can see both sides of an issue and seek the common ground).  But, in this election we didn’t have that option, and with the polarization factor where it is, I doubt we’ll find much agreed-on common ground.  As a consequence, our nation will suffer.

But, have you considered this?  Are not the elected officials (from both parties) merely a reflection of what is going on in our society?  Are they not a reflection of our culture?  Culture, you know: it’s what we “swim in, eat and breath” – without even realizing it. It’s TV, radio, books, magazines, movies,  videos, music, art, education, courts, religion, politics, societal, familial, and individual values, etc. 

And those politicians who are not reflections of our culture, when/if they somehow get elected, do we want them compromising on their principles? 

Think about it.  What principles, or values, will you not compromise on?  Where do you absolutely draw the line?  Know what?  I’ll guarantee you, many of the people you know, right now, will be somewhat to one side of that line or the other.  Some may be far to one side or the other!  In fact, more and more people will tell you that there is never a hard and fast line (or rule) about anything!

Why? “Well,” they will say, “… it all depends on the situation”.  Which is another way of saying, “…it depends on your point of view.”  (It’s called “Relativism”.  Yes, another “-ism”, along with Capitalism, Socialism, etc.  Relativism, carried to it’s conclusion, will result in Anarchy.  In which case, each person gets to make up their own mind as to what is right and wrong – i.e., there can be no generally accepted law.  Now, if that is where the United States is headed, I really and truly want off the train!

The reality of the situation is this.  It is where we are headed. And, the “train” is picking up speed.  I am living my 69th year.  (Start my 70th in about 3-weeks). I’ve seen change.  Much of it good.  More of it, in my opinion, …bad.  Am I surprised?  Not at all.  The Bible is very clear that this will happen.  Evil is being taught as good.  Good is being taught as evil.

Tell me, if you can, why kids in grade-school and middle-school have to make decisions about drugs and sex?  (And, why do I expect kids in high-school will have to deal with these issues?)  And then, why do so many make the wrong decision?  Why is the divorce rate so high?  Why is the abortion rate so high?  Why are so many husbands cheating on wives; and, wives cheating on husbands? What about spousal abuse?  Why do we have so many home invasions?  Fraudulent this, fraudulent that?  Embezzlement?  Child abuse?  I could go on… and, on.

I can also, give you the answer.  It is because we are looking to our society and it’s elected leaders, for guidelines and examples.  We have turned away from the only source of Truth. The only one qualified to tell us what is right and wrong is the Creator of the Universe.  He set it in motion, He knows exactly how it works.  He created life, He knows how it should operate.  And, no surprise therefore, He gave us the instruction manual.  Our society, in turn, chooses to mock and make fun of Him, and His instruction book, …The Bible.

God is a just God.  He will not forever put up with this behavior.  We want to drive Him out of our society… He will withdraw.  Personally, I believe that process is well underway.  Does this scare me?  Yes and no.  Not for myself and my loved ones who are followers of Christ.  I know Jesus is always with us: and, I trust Him to bring us through.  For others?  YES, absolutely!  For them I am greatly afraid.  They should be, too.

So, what can Christians do?  We need to stop focusing on the “wind and waves.”*  We need to focus instead, on the only One who can really save us.  Then, as we focus on Jesus, we need to get about doing His business here on earth.  We  need to model Christian behavior, and lead as many as possible to their own personal, saving relationship with Jesus.  Only He will be able to bring us through what lies ahead.


* Refer to Matt 14:22-33.


12 thoughts on “Where Is Your Focus?

  1. I love your pages and your form of self-expression, it is a pleasure to have you share your gifts through your pages Thank you. I have nominated you for blog of the Year please visit my page Blog of the year awards and nominations Thank you! Revised
    Posted on December 9, 2012

  2. Absolutely spot-on Avery. Your country as mine (UK) along with many others, some even further away from God, are in great danger but the sad thing is people do not realise the danger they are in. With each generation we have seen a further falling away, the previous generations not having ensured the message is passed on to the next till in the end no-one new is coming to Christ. It is difficult to witness to people whose hearts are set upon this world and what it has to offer. The attractions blind them to the truth. All we can do is witness though and of course pray. God bless.

    Shirley Anne x

    • Thank you Shirley Anne. I’ve never been to the UK or Europe, but what you describe is what I’ve heard. It’s exactly what we are told will happen in the Bible. And, you are right – about witnessing and prayer. We need to do both pretty much constantly. Granted we are each individuals, but if we reached just two, and they reached just two…. And truly, what’s it worth to lead just one to Christ?

  3. I always say that the old line from Hide N’ Seek in a sense, is very prophetic. Can you hear the voice of Jesus saying, “Ready Or Not! Here I Come!” Me, personally? I want to be ready! The “OR NOT’S” are in for something they’re going to regret…for all of eternity! And once ‘they’re ‘tagged’, there is no going back!

      • 😉 Amen! It’s all been happening this year….for certain…when it rains it pours! I’m seeing a lot of the Woodstock Hippie make love not war Jesus freaks around (the lukewarm Christians) who think everything’s lollipops and cotton candy right now. If you quote scripture, you’re judging… that endtimes pervert the Word mentality. You notice that too? That’s what I loved about your article! Truth! Jesus Christ, mighty warrior…coming back this time to make righteous war..not love! LOL! But, He is doing it for love..the love for His people! Praise the Lord!

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