How Did We Get So Messed-up? (pt.2)

O.K. I know.  It’s been a difficult journey to this point.  But, I think (at the risk of over simplifying) we can pretty quickly get to the bottom of this issue.

The root cause of our difficulty in finding a definition of truth is that, like it or not, Truth is an absolute concept (and value).  To be useful and meaningful Truth must have reference to an absolute unequivocal standard.  A yes/no, right/wrong, definition.  However, in today’s society it is simply not acceptable to deal in absolutes. 

Do so, and you will be identified and labeled as biased, bigoted, inflexible, overzealous, unenlightened, uneducated, and any number of other terms designed to marginalize you and put you into an unfavorable and ineffective position.  And we, to great extent, have bought into it.

In an effort to avoid being marginalized we try to define truth using equivocal terms.  Yet, as we saw last week, that simply does not work; and, we must guard against it.  How then, do we proceed?

The answer is that there can only be one source for Truth.  That source is the Creator of Space, Time and the Universe.  God is the author of all Truth.  And, the surest place I know to find His Truth is in the Bible.  In the Bible we will find many truths first illustrated thousands of years ago that are models for how we should live our lives today. And, these Truths and Principles will actually work for our well being over our entire lives.  The two most important?  Love God; and, love the people you come into contact with.  Then, live what you believe.

What about all the things in our world today that aren’t mentioned in the Bible,” you ask?  “Things like life on other planets and evolution; the Internet and the World Wide Web; nuclear fission and fusion.  How do we deal with these and other modern questions?” Let me give you with the guidelines I use.

  1. If the Bible says it’s good or true, I know it’s good or true. No question.  God pronounced His creation good.  I am God’s creation.  God loves me.  God wrote my instruction manual; and He knows what’s best for me.  When I’m following God’s input, all things will work to my benefit.  (Realizing of course, that my ultimate benefit will be rewarded in Heaven – not on Earth). 

  2. God gave us free will and told us to decide wisely.  But, how do I do that when the Bible doesn’t specifically address much of what exists in today’s society?  My solution is to ask myself, “Does this further God’s Kingdom on Earth, …or not?”  That answer tells me how to proceed. Let’s look at a some of the above examples: 

    1. Nuclear energy.  It’s a natural part of God’s creation.  As part of God’s creation, He intended it for good.  It can be used for many different purposes.  When we use it for good (electrical power, medical imaging, fighting cancer, etc.) I believe we are furthering God’s Kingdom and making good use of a resource to which God has given us access.  Weaponizing nuclear energy would not fall into that category. 

    2. Life on other planets.  Hey, I’m a huge fan of science fiction; but, I doubt we will find intelligent life (or even life) on other planets.  However, I may be wrong.  And, if we do find life out there, does that mean there is no God?  Of course not.  It just means that He put it there!  So, let’s continue the exploration. (Note:  There are those who believe the only intelligent life in the universe has to be on other planets).

    3. And, what about evolution?  The Bible is very specific.  God created life.  God created man (and woman).  Evolution is a theory.  A theory that has huge gaps.  Can some forms of life evolve.  Perhaps – dependent on your definition of “evolve”.  But, there is no scientific explanation for that first spark of  “life”.  Nor is there proof of any mammalian species on this planet ever evolving into an entirely new species.  NONE.  So please do not tell me that evolution is, “…a generally accepted fact”.  It is not.  Not even in the true scientific community.  I’m all for continuing the search and debate, however.  I do not fear it.  Why? Because I know how it will end.

  3. Remember, much of what technology gives us can be used for either great good, or great evil.  Technology itself, is not the issue.  How we use it is.  (Refer to paragraph #2, above).

  4. We must realize that there is much yet to be discovered.  And, I believe God will reveal it to us when He is ready to do so. (Perhaps, when He thinks we can use our gift of free will wisely?) I’m reminded of a poem:

White Revelations

                                                 by Georgie Starbuck Galbraith

To human eyes too much of light

Is blinding as the blackest night.

And this is so too of the mind,

In total ignorance it’s blind;

But, more truth than it can absorb

Will overwhelm the mental orb.

So, lest our vision burn to ashes,

God shows us truth in bits and flashes;

White revelations that the brain

Can comprehend and yet stay sane.

But we, poor fools, demand truth’s noon

Who scarce can bear it crescent moon.

I think that was very well said.  So, I guess the final question for each of us is, “What can I do, to help straighten out this mess that we have worked ourselves into?” Well, if you are asking me, you’re asking the wrong person.  Ask, God.  (But, only if you’re ready to follow His guidance).



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