What Is This Thing Called “Faith” (Part 2)

Welcome to Part two.  If you haven’t read part one, you may want skip down this page to last weeks post; and, read it first.  Anyway, last week I made the point that, “…If Jesus was not the Son of God; did not die on the cross; and did not come back to life; then, there is no basis for my Faith.  Indeed, Christianity would then be a total fabrication”.  I then looked at some of the evidence that Jesus truly was the Son of God. And, that’s as far as I got.  So, continuing on…

2. Did Jesus die on the cross?  Interestingly enough, Jesus predicted several times that He would die on the cross.  And, either He did – or, He didn’t.  Here’s some of the evidence that He did.

  • Crucifixions were carried out by Roman soldiers.  It was a process they knew and understood only too well.  Roman soldiers who failed to carry out their orders were generally executed.  It tended to make them certain of their responsibilities and proficient in their duties.

  • We know that Jesus had been beaten before being administered a flogging of forty lashes with a cat of 9-tails.  Many would not have survived the lashing.  Then, He had a crown of thorns pressed down on His head, and was forced to carry His cross until He could carry it no longer.

  • Jesus would have been in extreme trauma and shock before having wrought iron nails driven through His hands and feet.  The cross was then hoisted-up, and dropped into the hole that supported it.

  • It is noted that the followers of Jesus were gathered off to one side. And, closer to the action, others taunted, cursed and scoffed at Jesus.  There were many witnesses; and by days end, all believed Him dead. 

  • After hours of slow suffocation, to verify death, a spear was thrust into His side.  The captain of the guard personally verified that Jesus was dead, and told the guards there was no reason to break His legs.

  • Late in the day, Jesus’ lifeless body was taken off the cross.  His body was hurriedly prepared for burial (the Sabbath Day was quickly approaching) and placed in a donated tomb.  A bolder sealed the opening to the tomb and an official seal was placed across that.  (The priests, and Pilate, did not want the grave disturbed in any way.)

  • So, yes, Jesus died on the cross.

And that, is where I’ll call it a “post” for this week.  Next week, we’ll look at some of the evidence for the Resurrection and, have a brief wrap up.  Thank you for your support and kind words.



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