Amazed admiration or awe, especially at something very beautiful or new—a miracle or other cause of intense admiration.

Encarta World English Dictionary

Quite often now, I find myself focusing on the wonder of what we, as Christians, believe.  Since this essay is about my relationship with God/Jesus/Holy Spirit, it would seem that Jesus would be the logical place to start.  But, that’s not the starting point for me.  I must go much further back in time.  Back to the very beginning of the Old Testament. 

For at least three of the major religions on this planet (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), Genesis tells us how we got started.  And, try as they might, skeptics have been unable to prove the Genesis account false.  I remember when the best scientific minds said the Universe (and time) had no beginning.  It had simply always existed. Then, as we learned more about the Universe we learned that it was expanding; and the obvious question was, expanding from what?  The most generally accepted answer to that question is (currently) – the Big Bang Theory. 

Now, I’m not going through all the scientific arguments, nor am I going to discuss whether a “day” in Genesis is 24 hours or symbolic of a longer period of time.  I’ll just say, “The Big Bang” actually works for me.  In the Bible, God ‘spoke’ creation.  So, God spoke and BANG, the entire Universe (and Time, as we understand it) instantly came into being.  Try to get your mind around that cataclysmic event.  The energy and matter that was released in that instant.  Every… single… thing… in the Universe.  Created in less time than we can measure!  It isn’t there.  God speaks.  It is!  Big Bang?  Colossal under-statement!

God’s fingerprints are all over the creation of planet Earth.  One has to go well out of their way to avoid the conclusion of His Design.  It takes far more faith to believe that this planet and all that lives upon it are just the happenings of chance.  Is there life on other planets?  Personally, I doubt it, but if there is; this much I know, God put it there.  Even Darwin came to believe that his theory could not stand.  No, I’ll go with God.  And, if you can’t step out, on any part of this planet, and see something that can fill you with awe and wonder… well, you just aren’t trying. 

Next, I wonder at the Old Testament.  Thirty-nine books by 29± different writers who wrote over a period of thousands of years.  The history, the prophesy (that later happened exactly as foretold), the poetry, the stories, the lessons… the over-arching continuity….  Oh, there may have been 29± writers, but there was only one author!

And, another thing that awes me about the Old Testament is all the prophesies about Jesus.  Time and time again, clear references are made to the one who would later be named, Jesus.  I find reading the Old Testament to be fascinating and inspiring.  If you’re not reading the Old Testament you’re missing the beginning of The Story.  The very foundation of Christianity.  Which brings me to the birth of Jesus and the New Testament.

The life, death and resurrection of Jesus is the wonder of wonders.  All the old Testament prophesies fulfilled.  An intercessor, more than an intercessor – a Personal Savior.  And, the plan was in place before God even created the Universe. Now for me, the most awe-inspiring part of all this is, that plan included me.  Eons later he knit me together in my mother’s womb.  Me.  And, like the most loving father imaginable, He has kept me in the palm of His hand. (And, I haven’t make that part easy for Him).  Even when I turned my back on Him and did hateful, horrible things… He called me back.  Me – back to Him.  For no other reason than, He loves me.

Does God, who created all of space and time, who breathed life into Adam, need me?  Are you serious?  Of course not.  Are there things He expects of me?  Yes; and unfortunately, He knows I’ll screw-up a fair percentage of them.  But, and here’s the really, really important thing.  He will NOT give up on me.  Ever.

So, why does God care about me?  What am I compared to God?  What am I compared to so many other people who have certainly led better lives and/or accomplished truly great things?

Well, I’ve got the answer to that too – and that’s what fills me with the most wonder of any other thing.  I’ve said it before.  God loves me.  God is Love.  He loves all of his creation.  But, He loves us – the creation He made in his image so that we could walk and talk and commune with Him – He loves us, the most. All we have to do is accept His love.

Think about that!  When I accepted the fact that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and decided to give my life to Him, I became an adopted heir of the Being who created the Universe and Time.  I’m part of The Family for crying out loud.  That makes me the son of a King.  Whoa!  Let that sink in.  I can approach the throne of God, …right now, …this minute, in prayer.  I can be confident that my prayers are heard and will be answered – in God’s perfect way, with God’s perfect timing.  I know God wants for me only what is best for me, and when things aren’t apparently going my way, there is a very good chance that I am being trained-up for a mission for my Father.  (Kinda’ puts a whole new slant on things, doesn’t it)?

When I try to get my head around all this, I just give up in the wonder of it all.  And then, I remind myself, it’s not so important that I get my head around it, I need it in my heart. I’ve learned I can’t always trust my brain.  (OK, again, it’s a continuing lesson).  But, I know when I have it in my heart, I can express it to others in ways that count.  Talking from the head? …Not always so good.  Talking from the heart?  Much better.  Acting from the head, …frequently leads me down the wrong path.  Acting from the heart, …usually, a much different story.  (Always, when I’m really listening to the Holy Spirit.  But sometimes, when I really, really want something, I can convince myself it’s God – when it’s really greed …or, pride.)  But, the more I concentrate on living life from my heart, the better my life here on earth goes.  It’s not always perfect; and, it certainly isn’t always pretty.  But, I’ll keep at it.  After all, my Dad – you know, the King – He’s looking-out for me.  So, I figure I’ve got a wonder filled (and awesome) life ahead of me.  Wherever, He takes me.

And, then there is the promise of eternity with God….  Talk about AWESOME.  But, that’s for another day.




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